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You clicked the button didn't you? 

You click the button that specifically said not to click the button. Well thankfully, this time you are okay. However, this goes to show how human nature can be manipulated into clicking on links and buttons. Real threat actors use this to their advantage. 


The risks of clicking on links...

The most common risk involves "phishing." An attack can create an exact duplicate of a real login page of a website (Amazon, Facebook, Banks, etc.). The aim is to trick the victim into entering sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information. Once entered, the attacker has your credentials to use for their own nefarious purposes. 

The best way to prevent phishing attacks is to test and train your employees so that they will recognize an attack when they see it. This is the goal of our Email Phishing Simulations. Click here to learn more

There are other risks where the link may take you to a website that infects your computer with malware like ransomware or a keylogger (a “virus” that captures everything you type into your computer like passwords and credit card numbers). Or it might even download the virus directly without going to a web page. Before clicking a link, hover over it and inspect the URL that will popup. If you recognize the link you should be okay. 

Our Ethical Hacking and Penetration Tests will uncover the likely ways that an attacker could use links and buttons against you. Our assessments come with a detailed report and remediation strategy. Setup an initial, no obligation call today!

Since you like clicking buttons...

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Aboriginal Owned & Operated

We are a proud Aboriginally owned and operated business. Our ownership consists of individuals from the Vuntut Gwitchin Nation in Old Crow, Yukon. As we develop our organization, we continue to look for other Aboriginal businesses to partner with and grow the marketplace for Aboriginal services in the corporate world.

We are members of CCAB (Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business) and CAMSC (Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council), which both help connect Procurement Champions with organizations like us to help them fulfill their procurement needs and goals. Nivee is officially registered in the Canadian Indigenous Business Directory

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