Cyber in the News Weekly – November 25, 2022

Around 100 emergency services potentially impacted by cybersecurity incident

Emergency services across Ontario may have been impacted by a potential cybersecurity incident.
As a result, a paramedic services’ third-party platform used to record patient data run by ESO has been taken offline.

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Microsoft Warns of Hackers Using Google Ads to Distribute Royal Ransomware

A developing threat activity cluster has been found using Google Ads in one of its campaigns to distribute various post-compromise payloads, including the recently discovered Royal ransomware.

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Sobeys data breach serves as wake up call for industry

A recent data breach on Sobeys has revealed a larger issue in Canada’s agri-food sector, an expert said.

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Organizations more willing to pay ransom for this type of data breach

Organizations are less likely to pay a ransom when their confidential information has been breached, but are increasingly more concerned —and more willing to pay — when their intellectual property has been exfiltrated

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Millions of Facebook and Google users warned to make urgent change after ‘worrying’ find

Hundreds of thousands of people are continuing to use the same weak security passwords worldwide despite countless warnings to change them, cyber security experts discovered.

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