Cyber in the News Weekly – December 16, 2022

Russian-Canadian man living in Simcoe County fights extradition after arrest for global ransomware attacks

Investigators from Orillia, Ontario, to Newark, New Jersey, are trying to convince a judge Mikhail Vasiliev should soon be extradited to the United States after being charged in connection with global ransomware attacks worth millions.

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WhatsApp data breach sees nearly 500 million user records up for sale

A post on a “well-known hacking community forum” claims almost half a billion WhatsApp records have been breached and are up for sale.

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Information of 360,000 people affected in Ontario vaccine data breach

The Ontario government says it is notifying about 360,000 people whose personal information was involved in a vaccine database breach more than a year ago.

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Researchers Detail New Attack Method to Bypass Popular Web Application Firewalls

A new attack method can be used to circumvent web application firewalls (WAFs) of various vendors and infiltrate systems, potentially enabling attackers to gain access to sensitive business and customer information.

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Bug in Honda, Nissan, Toyota Cars App Let Hackers Unlock & Start The Car Remotely

A critical vulnerability uncovered in Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Acura vehicle apps lets hackers and law enforcement agencies unlock the car remotely and start the vehicle with a laptop from anywhere in the world.

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