Cyber in the News Weekly – December 30, 2022

2022 In Review: An Eventful Cybersecurity Year

2022 has been a rough and tumble year across the world when it comes to cybersecurity. Let’s take a look back at the biggest cyberattacks, threats, and data breaches to rock the world in 2022.

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NSA says Chinese hackers are actively attacking flaw in widely used networking device

The National Security Agency said on Tuesday that Chinese state-backed hackers are exploiting a flaw in a widely used networking device that allows an attacker to carry out remote code execution.

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The Dark Web is Getting Darker – Ransomware Thrives on Illegal Markets

The dark web is getting darker as cybercrime gangs increasingly shop their malware, phishing, and ransomware tools on illegal cybercrime markets.

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Microsoft patches Windows zero-day used to drop ransomware

Microsoft has fixed a security vulnerability used by threat actors to circumvent the Windows SmartScreen security feature and deliver Magniber ransomware and Qbot malware payloads.

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Cyberattack has kept an entire nation’s government offline for over a month

Cyberattacks targeting government institutions are nothing new, but they may be approaching new levels of severity. Recent cases this fall reveal that entire municipal or even national governments could be vulnerable to major disruptions from cybercriminals. The effects can knock whole populations decades back in time technologically.

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