Cyber in the News Weekly – January 20, 2023

U.S. national cyber strategy to stress Biden push on regulation

The White House wants expanded requirements for private companies that operate in critical infrastructure sectors

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Nissan North America data breach caused by vendor-exposed database

Nissan North America has begun sending data breach notifications informing customers of a breach at a third-party service provider that exposed customer information.

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Cyber(in)security: Take action now

Mining companies’ cyber threat profile is rapidly evolving as the industry undergoes a massive digital transformation, introducing automation, digital technologies and even artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to their operations.

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Combatting Growing Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Organisations of all sizes, across all sectors, have made it a priority, enforcing strict protocols and company-wide trainings to protect their systems, their employees, and their customers. No matter the industry, the risks of cyber-attacks on IT systems are well-known and the dangers understood.

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Russian hackers targeted petroleum refining company in NATO state

A hacking group associated with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) unsuccessfully attempted to compromise a large petroleum refining company within a NATO member state at the end of August, according to a new report.

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