Cyber in the News Weekly – January 06, 2023

Largest Mobile Malware Darkweb Marketplace Discovered Having Over 1900 Injection Scripts

The “InTheBox” marketplace, which recently emerged on the Dark Web and is intended only for operators of mobile malware, has been uncovered by the Resecurity Hunter team.

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Uber suffers new data breach after attack on vendor, info leaked online

Uber has suffered a new data breach after a threat actor leaked employee email addresses, corporate reports, and IT asset information stolen from a third-party vendor in a cybersecurity incident.

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Ransomware attack knocks Rackspace’s Exchange servers offline

Cloud services and hosting provider Rackspace Technology acknowledged Tuesday that a recent incident that took most of its Hosted Exchange email server business offline was the product of a ransomware attack. The company shut the service down last Friday.

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ChatGPT shows promise of using AI to write malware

For even the most skilled hackers, it can take at least an hour to write a script to exploit a software vulnerability and infiltrate their target. Soon, a machine may be able to do it in mere seconds.

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Vice Society Ransomware Attackers Targeted Dozens of Schools in 2022

The Vice Society cybercrime group has disproportionately targeted educational institutions, accounting for 33 victims in 2022 and surpassing other ransomware families like LockBit, BlackCat, BianLian, and Hive.

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