Cyber in the News Weekly – January 13, 2023

Watch out for this triple-pronged PayPal phishing and fraud scam

It was 7 a.m., and I was just partially through my first cup of coffee, when I noticed a new message in my email inbox.

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Top 5 ways hackers can bypass your firewall

It’s crucial to first comprehend how a firewall operates before attempting to hack one. A firewall keeps track of all network traffic, both inbound and outbound, and, depending on the rules that have been set up, either permits or prohibits that traffic from getting to its destination.

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Canadian mining company hit with ransomware attack

Copper Mountain Mining has preventively shut down its mill near Princeton, B.C., as it works to address a ransomware attack.

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Small communities more vulnerable to ransomware attacks: expert

Public and private sector organizations and firms of all sizes need to determine the level of risk and undertake a detailed risk assessment. After that, it’s a matter of investing in “people, processes and technologies” in order to mitigate the risk of falling prey to a cyberattack.

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LCBO continues to investigate cybersecurity incident; site and mobile app still down

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario says it is continuing to investigate a “cybersecurity incident” that has knocked out its website and mobile app since Tuesday.

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