Referral Program

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The Nivee Referral Program (NRP) was developed to allow us to reward those within our business network for referring new customers to Nivee.


How does it work?

Under the Nivee Referral Program, appropriate individuals are selected and approved to be considered as Referring Parties, and will be entitled to a Referral Fee for every successful referral. The program is designed to select individuals from a wide variety of industries and to not over saturate any one industry to promote fairness for all Referring Parties. 

The program is not meant to be a full-time career for members and they will explicitly be performing any references as an independent contractor. In fact Nivee will give preference to individuals who have a full time career in an industry that Nivee would like to target. The program is essentially a finders fee if-and-when the Referring Party interacts with an individual or company in their daily routine and makes a soft introduction to Nivee. The introduction must be a “value-add” suggestion by the Referring Party.


Apply today by filling out the form below. We will review your application and reach back out with next steps