Red Teaming Engagements

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We test your organisation's security, employee training, and awareness by seeing how your policies, procedures, and your team react to simulated attacks.


Red Teaming Engagements

Rather than just attacking or identifying vulnerabilities from the outside of your organization, the Red Team engagements are a multi-layered approach that can help your organization see vulnerabilities in their processes, facility security people and more.

Employees and contractors are the number one cause of data breaches, and the majority (56%) of security professionals say insider threats are on the rise, according to Haystax survey.

What our Red Team Engagements look like:

  • Establish the rules with your team
  • Nivee tests your facility security by finding ways to breach the physical premises
  • Perform penetration testing from the inside of the organization
  • We test your processes, technologies and people through these processes.

Our Red Team approach launches a blended attack of the following activities concurrently:

  • Social Engineering
  • Physical Penetration Testing
  • Network and Application Penetration Testing

Our security consultants emulate the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) a “malicious” adversary would perform in order to provide a realistic view of the opportunities an attacker may take in order to compromise all facets of your organization and gain unauthorized physical and/or virtual access to sensitive information or complete take over the system(s)/network(s).


Benefits of Red Teaming Engagements

We utilize various tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) in order to:

Identify vulnerabilities present in physical security, technology controls, and human assets

Test your team on how they would react to an attack or potential attack and test your facility security to find out how attackers could enter your building

Address vulnerabilities utilizing the provided guidance and recommendations

Test your procedures and protocols for dealing with these potential attacks

Validate identified vulnerabilities to determine level of severity in context to your organization

Have a full report on all vulnerable areas and where investment should be focused to strengthen your security measures

Once we are completed, an in-depth point-in-time report will be provided to you of all the vulnerabilities present and recommendations / solutions to your team on how to improve the security of the organization.

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