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Executives are the number one target of cyberattacks. Our Executive Awareness Program builds habits and defenses against malicious threats

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Nivee Executive Awareness Program

Company executives are the most common targets for cyber security attacks. Executives are targeted for both their access and their influence. There are several different types of cyber tactics that might be used against C-suite and Executive personnel, as well as different motivations for targeting these individuals.

Influence: Executives have a strong influence over others in the organization. If a threat can impersonate an Executive, they can likely corrupt other individuals in the organization.

Travel: Connecting to public Wi-Fi in airports and when traveling allows for an excellent opportunity to get onto Executive devices.

Access: Top level management tends to have the most broad access to different networks and shared drives. This makes them an excellent entrance point into an organization's digital footprint.

Espionage: Top secret strategies, documents, and projects are likely to be accessible by executives and top level management. This is a real motivation in the business environment.

Blackmail: Similar to espionage, some threats target personal data to use as leverage. Our digital footprint can contain the most sensitive information about ourselves.


Build resilience to common phishing and social engineering tactics being used.

Implement best practices and build secure habits around digital access.

One-on-One consultation on the current Cyber Threat Landscape.

Emphasis on passwords, password management, MFA, and Phishing awareness.

Ensure everything is up-to-date and compliant with current standards and practices.

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