Nivee Website Security Audit

For most companies, your website is the initial interaction point between you and your customers. Whether your website is primarily to display information or if you are collecting data from your users, Website Security is an absolute necessity for building your online presence. Let our experts keep your website secure!

Our audit will contain: 

  • Website security scan
  • Database vulnerability scan
  • Web server vulnerability scan
  • SSL security scan
  • Server / software patch scan
  • Server virus scan
  • Report on Exploitable Vulnerabilities



Vulnerability Scan

Our team will sift through any open doors in your website and check for vulnerabilities.

SSL and HTTPS Scan

Ensure that traffic to your website is secure with the HTTPS protocol by validating your SSL/TLS certificate.  

Out of Date Plugins

Our scans will be able to tell which plugins are outdated and contain known vulnerabilities. 

Prevent Database Infiltration

Our Website Security Audit will test database injection methods to ensure your databases are secure. 

How does our Process work?

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